Thoughts on programming, learning, design, and more, collected in chronological order.

Whats in My Laptop Bag (2021 Edition)

I've made a concerted effort to get rid of a good chunk on eBay, but after 2 months it feels like I've hardly scratched the surface. Applying this theme to my mobile setup feels like natural next step, so before I began downsizing my mobile gear, I set up a few parameters..

Installing nodejs on a Raspberry Pi Zero

I recently switched one of my projects from a Raspberry Pi 3 over to a Raspberry Pi Zero. Since they both run _very_ similar hardware, I was able to just pop out the sdcard from the Rpi 3 and just insert it into the zero and voilà everything just worked.. or so I thought.

Ramda - Anki Study Deck

My go-to utility function library is Ramda.js. The docs have a permanent spot in my browser tab list for quick reference. In order to reduce frequent context switching, I've decided to created a Ramda study deck for Anki.

Code highlighting for a ghost blog

I've been loving my fresh install of the ghost blogging platform. It has a clean interface with a very small feature set. However, it lacks builtin syntax highlighting (for good reason).

My 2013 Frontend Web Development Workflow

I've refined my frontend development workflow over the last year and learned a few new languages along the way. The list below is a breif guide to all of the software and languages that I now use on a daily basis.

Chaining in Underscore.js

The Underscore library gives you a choice of programming style: functional VS. chaining. Under the right circumstances, I think chaining can lead to more readable code.