Simon W. Jackson

A makers log
Chaining in Underscore.js

The Underscore library gives you a choice of programming style: functional VS. chaining. Under the right circumstances, I think chaining can lead to more readable code.

Force heroku to install node devDependencies

It turns out that heroku doesn’t install anything from devDependencies by default. While generally this is a good idea, I needed this switched on for this project.

How I Force Myself to Take Breaks

Habits can be hard to break. One of my worst is pushing through a days work without taking any breaks while assuming that more work = more productivity. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Many studies show that focused work intervals combined with frequent breaks will amount to greater productivity.

Installing nodejs on a Raspberry Pi Zero

I recently switched one of my projects from a Raspberry Pi 3 over to a Raspberry Pi Zero. Since they both run _very_ similar hardware, I was able to just pop out the sdcard from the Rpi 3 and just insert it into the zero and _Voilà_ everything just worked.. or so I thought.

Setting up a domain for your heroku app

I’ll admit, I’m not an expert in network administration so I had a bit of difficulty getting my domain connected to heroku on my own. After about 10 minutes i ended up with an infinite redirect error.